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Handcrafted in the Blue Ridge
Handcrafted in the Blue Ridge

Handcrafted in the Blue Ridge

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Explore the hidden gems of Western Carolina artisan country.

Western North Carolina is fast becoming known as the Santa Fe of the east coast. Here, tucked in the hills and at the end of dirt roads, skilled American artists and artisans are producing crafts of rare beauty and striking originality.

Authors Irv Green and Andrea Gross invite travelers and collectors along as they visit the studios and galleries of more than one hundred and fifty weavers, jewelers, glass blowers, wood carvers, and potters, offering a close-up look at the artists at work. Readers are introduced to the artists and hear, often in their own words, descriptions of the methods and the materials they use. From functional pottery and woven baskets to copper jewelry and musical instruments, contemporary as well as traditional crafts and their makers are featured.

The book is divided into seven areas featuring approximately 200 artisans, all within driving distance of the busy arts community of Asheville. Each section includes a lyrical description of the area and nearby inns as well as practical information including clear directions to each studio, address, phone number, hours of operation, and a detailed description and price range of the work.